Specialists in online research

Take advantage of the latest quantitative and qualitative
techniques to get answers to your marketing questions more
quickly and cost-effectively than ever before...

What we offer

Online research

We run online surveys, focus groups, forums, interviews, diary studies and research communities for clients across a range of sectors, in the UK and internationally.

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Online Qualitative Software

We provide software and support services for clients who wish to run online qualitative research studies themselves. The software is unique in being self-service and pay-as-you-go.

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Who we are

MrQual is a research agency and software provider, specialising in online quantitative and qualitative research, though with a long and varied background in classical research.

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Benefits of online qualitative

Online qualitative research provides a fast and affordable means of gathering in-depth insights. And it is effective, because it provides a safe and comfortable environment for participants.

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What clients say

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