24 hour recruitment for online qualitative research

Recruitment for online qualitative is generally easier than for face to face groups, because you do not need participants to live near a viewing facility and, unless you are doing live online groups, you do not need them all to be available at exactly the same time. So this means it should also cost less, and take less time.

But also, with online qualitative research there are so many more options for recruitment than just the traditional approach. For example, it can be undertaken directly from online surveys, websites, databases, email newsletters, panels (including qualy-only panels), communities, Facebook, Twitter or other sources.

If you want to recruit an external sample, rather than your own customers or website visitors for example, this can be undertaken from one of the major panel companies. Recruitment of, say, 10 grocery shoppers in the UK (or across several countries), could be done within 24 hours. Even if you have certain qualifying criteria for your grocery shoppers these can be incorporated into the recruitment process through a questionnaire.

For example, to recruit grocery shoppers who are also dog owners your recruitment questionnaire could include a question about dog ownership, ideally phrased in an indirect way. In other words, rather than asking “Do you own a dog?” you might instead ask people a multi-response question about what activities they do in a typical weekend, with one option being to “walk the dog”.

When people register for your research from a panel or other online source you can also ask them some preliminary “check” questions to satisfy yourself about their identity (if this is something that concerns you), and to ensure they meet your qualification criteria. Then your research can begin straight away, if you wish, even before the entire sample has registered.

But as well as being quick and offering the opportunity for detailed segmentation, online recruitment can also be highly cost-effective, potentially around one third of the price of traditional recruitment.

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