How to slash your translation costs

Our last translation bill was £3+Vat which was for 30 words in Somali. More recently we have been charged £15+Vat per 1,000 words when we would usually expect to pay over £100+Vat.

Have you heard of Elance? It’s a website where you can hire freelancers by the hour. You can search for the languages you need, and other variables, and up will come a list of translators who meet your requirements.

You can then decide which of them to contact to discuss your job.

Will the translator be any good?
Translators on the whole tend to be native speakers. You will be able to view ratings and reviews by their previous clients and there’s always the option to try them out on a small piece of your work.

How quickly will they do the translation?
We’ve had translations returned to us same day. On the whole it is generally quicker than using translation agencies as you are only dealing with the person doing the actual translation.

What languages can you find on Elance?
Most languages can be found on Elance. As with traditional translations, some languages will be more common than others e.g. Spanish>Somali and the price will reflect that.

When do you pay?
Your freelance translator will submit a timesheet upon completion for you to approve once the translation has been completed. Once approved the payment is then taken automatically through the secure Elance system and an invoice is produced..

What’s the downside?
At first it will seem like more work but, the more often you use your freelance translator(s), the quicker the process will be as you will both know what to expect from the other. Likewise, the more often you use Elance, the simpler the process.