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Brand research companies vary in terms of the levels of service they provide, and their areas of expertise. So, it is not always easy to select which to work with.

This article is designed to help. We ourselves are a brand research company, although in some circumstances our service is not appropriate to a client’s needs. In these cases, we will happily give recommendations of other brand research companies.

How brand research works

Broadly speaking, there are two methods of undertaking brand (or other types of) research. These are “qualitative” and “quantitative”.

Qualitative research is in-depth, and often involves using focus groups. In fact, nowadays, focus groups can be run online (which is something we specialise in). Quantitative research typically means surveys, which are almost always run online.

Most brand research involves a survey approach because the aim is to gather statistically reliable information, such as about brand awareness or perceptions. There may also be a benefit from qualitative research, but not always. It depends on the purpose of the research. For example, if you just want to understand brand awareness then you may well not need qualitative research. Similarly, brand tracking would not usually need qualitative research. Qualitative research is designed to produce in-depth insight.

What level of service do you need?

How much help do you need? For example, if you know how to design a brand research questionnaire then you probably won’t need a full service research agency. You may well need more of a “field and tab” service. Similarly, if you are happy interpreting the results yourself, you may not need or want a de-brief report or presentation.

Briefing an agency

If you are considering undertaking brand research then it is best to produce a written research brief. Above all, this would ideally include your reasons for considering research. Maybe there is new competition, you have recently introduced a new brand or sub-brand, or the market has changed in some other way. The more clearly the research agency understands your reasons, the better.

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