Make full use of your online focus group recruitment surveys

Recruitment for online focus groups can be undertaken in various ways, one of which is an online recruitment survey. Such a survey could be with a company’s own customers, for example, or with other people (such as prospective customers).


Recruitment survey questionnaires

Recruitment survey questionnaires have two parts. The first typically comprises various demographic questions (gender, age, etc…) and questions designed to identify respondents who meet the qualification criteria to take part in the online focus group.


For example, if the online focus group is to be with people who have bought a new car within the last 12 months, then there would be a question (or two) in the questionnaire to identify such people.


Those respondents who state that they have not bought a new car within the last 12 months will be screened out of the survey. Those who state that they have bought one will be directed to the second part of the recruitment questionnaire.


The second part of the questionnaire gives details of the online focus group, such as the dates and incentive, and asks respondents if they would be interested in taking part. Those who are interested would then enter their email address so that they can be contacted by the group organiser.


Additional recruitment survey questions

Very often the second part of the questionnaire will contain no more than the details of the online focus group. However, this is the ideal place to ask a few more questions. Using our example above, these could be about the process of buying a new car.


This might add a few minutes to the questionnaire, but the additional cost of this could be very small. And it would mean that such questions would not need to be covered in the online focus group, thereby leaving time in the group for other, more qualitative, questions.


Moreover, of the people who complete the recruitment survey and register their interest in taking part in the online focus group, only around half will actually take part. So, if you want 20 focus group participants, this means you will need around 40 people to complete the online recruitment survey questionnaire. Hence, you will have 40 answers to the questions in your recruitment survey, rather than the 20 which will come from the online focus group.



It is worth considering what questions could be added to the recruitment survey questionnaire, because the results of this could significantly enhance the results of the online focus group.

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