Packaging design and shelf testing research with enhanced heatmaps

MRQual now offers packaging design and shelf testing with heatmaps as standard. But our heatmaps offer several insight-adding features compared with the usual heatmaps. Heatmaps are created by respondents clicking on parts of an image.  This could be a pack shot, shelf display or something else. The more respondents who click on a particular part … Read more


A quick guide to implicit attitude testing in packaging design research

What is implicit attitude testing (IAT)? Implicit attitude testing (IAT) is a quantitative research technique to measure underlying attitudes or feelings. As such, one area in which it can be used is quantitative packaging design research. How does IAT work? IAT works by measuring the time taken to answer a question, in milliseconds. A shorter … Read more

Brand awareness survey questions

Brand awareness survey questions and questionnaire design

Brand awareness survey questions are usually organised into several sections within a questionnaire. The first section would typically comprise of demographic questions. These could include gender, age, region and social grade, and possibly also life-stage, income, ethnicity or other questions. Usually some or all of the demographic questions would go at the start (rather than … Read more

online quantitative research methods

Online quantitative research methods in market research

Online quantitative research methods in market research comprise, in practice, of one method for the collection of data, namely the survey. Then there are other methods involved in the set up and running of a survey. These comprise of: questionnaire design sample design (source, composition and size) fieldwork quality control incentives preparation and analysis of … Read more