Brand research to test names, awareness, perceptions, loyalty, equity and more….

Brand research

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Brand name research

This can be used if you have several possible names for a new brand that you are considering. A brand name survey can help to determine which of them will have the greatest overall appeal to potential customers, and which conveys your desired brand perceptions. Such surveys can be undertaken with a small sample, in just a few days.

Brand perceptions research

How is your brand perceived by your target market? Such perceptions may be based on your price positioning or promotions, packaging, advertising, or experience of using your brand. These can be identified with a survey, possibly preceded by qualitative research, depending on how much existing knowledge you have.

Brand loyalty research

This would usually be undertaken in the form of a survey, rather than qualitative research. It is a test of the strength of a brand in the face of competitive pressures. It can be undertaken on a standalone basis, but would more often be part of a survey to measure awareness and perceptions.

Brand equity research

This is similar to brand loyalty or perception research, equity being a term used to express the value of a brand in the eyes of customers. Brand equity research would not include questions specifically asking about “equity” because this is something that consumers would not be able to answer.

Brand awareness research

Brand awareness is usually measured on an unprompted and prompted basis. The first is undertaken using an open-ended question, in which respondents write the brands they are aware of. The second uses a closed question, which involves a list of brands, with respondents choosing those that they are aware of.

Brand tracking

This refers to the approach of undertaking essentially the same survey at regular intervals. These intervals could be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually, or every few years. The key point is that the demographics of the sample, and the questions on brand awareness and perceptions would be the same each time.