How to conduct focus groups online

How to conduct focus groups online with MRQual

There are numerous reasons to conduct focus groups online rather than face-to-face. And for online groups, there are numerous advantages to using an asynchronous, rather than real-time video or chat room, approach. For example, the software is easier to use, costs less, and does not require technical support from the provider. There is also less … Read more

The different types of online focus group

The different types of online focus group

There are basically two types of online focus group. These are: Synchronous These take place live, and are either video or chat-room based.  These are the nearest online equivalent to traditional face-to-face focus groups, in the sense that they take place in real-time. Asynchronous Otherwise known as bulletin board focus groups, these take place over … Read more

Advantages of running focus group pre-tasks online

Running focus group pre-tasks online, using software designed for that purpose, has several advantages over other methods of running pre-tasks. Here are some of the main ones. Compliance It allows you to easily monitor levels of compliance by viewing the activity of each participant throughout the period of task.  This helps to reduce the risk of … Read more

A guide to online qualitative research methods

We are often asked about the various different online qualitative research methods, so thought it would be useful to provide a quick guide. Whilst some online qualitative research involves live video interviews, this article is really about research that involves questions and answers being posted in writing, potentially complemented by video, image or other file … Read more

Cyber Essentials certification for information security

Information security This is becoming an increasingly important subject within market research, as in other areas, not least due to the rise of cloud computing. If you use Dropbox, for example, and you undertake research on behalf of government or large organisations, the subject of information security is likely to be relevant to you. As … Read more