online quantitative research respondents

The incredible reading speed of online quantitative research respondents

This is a true story about a closed multi-response question in an online panel survey that we ran. Respondents were asked to select the personal care products they used regularly, from a list of 19 different options. The question text and answers together comprised of exactly 100 words. At an average reading speed of 200 … Read more

online quantitative research methods

Online quantitative research methods in market research

Online quantitative research methods in market research comprise, in practice, of one method for the collection of data, namely the survey. Then there are other methods involved in the set up and running of a survey. These comprise of: questionnaire design sample design (source, composition and size) fieldwork quality control incentives preparation and analysis of … Read more

How to get better answers to your open-ended questions in online surveys

Very often open-ended questions in online surveys produce unsatisfactory results. This can be for various reasons. For example, respondents may misunderstand them or interpret them in a different way to that intended by the questionnaire designer. Or the questions may be phrased in such a way that they encourage limited answers. But another important reason … Read more

How multi-response questions in online surveys can be answered in record time

Here at MRQual we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of the results from the online surveys that we run.  Recently we came across a trick that a number of respondents are using to answer multi-response questions in an unfeasibly short amount of time. We’ve got several examples, but a typical one would … Read more