Implicit attitude testing which measures subconscious preferences

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Implicit attitude testing

About IAT

Implicit attitude testing (IAT) is a quantitative research technique that can be used on a standalone basis, or included within other types of survey. For example, it could be incorporated into a packaging design test.

How IAT works

At its core, IAT involves measuring the time taken by respondents to answer questions. Essentially, the faster they answer, the stronger is their underlying, or implicit, attitude behind that answer.

IAT questions

Very often these will involve a simple question and two images, these being positioned to the left and right of the question. The respondent answers the question by clicking on one of the images.

IAT results

These can be viewed at an aggregate level for each question, or broken down by different demographic groups to identify variations in subconscious attitudes.

We provide our IAT service in association with Phillip Adcock of SBXL,
who is an expert and published author in shopper psychology.

In essence, we do the fieldwork and Phillip does the design and interpretation.

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How does IAT compare with System 1 and System 2?

IAT is a quantitative measurement technique used in market research (and other disciplines), whereas “System 1 and System 2” is a theory about the drivers of human decision-making.