MRQual software Terms and Conditions of use

Users of MRQual must comply with GDPR. For example, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have consent from your participants, viewers and moderators, and your responsibility to remove them and any entries they have made if they so request. Our responsibility is only to ensure that the MRQual software is GDPR compliant, which we have done through the provision of a Privacy Policy.

MRQual must only be used for the purposes of market research.

Make sure you have a copy of the email addresses of your participants stored outside of MRQual, so that you can email them from outside of MRQual in the event of a problem with MRQual. We also recommend making email contact with participants before a study outside of MRQual, so that you know they are receiving your emails to their Inbox rather than to their junk mail folder.

Make sure your participants know that they should check their email during the study, so they see email alerts or any emails that you might send them in the event of a problem with MRQual.

Export your results during and/or immediately after the study, so that you have a copy of the transcript outside of MRQual (and check you have done this for all previous studies). *

If you are inviting participants by adding their email addresses and then sending an invitation from within MRQual (rather than creating an invitation link) only add the email addresses of people who have already been recruited. In other words, please do not add the email addresses of people for the purpose of trying to recruit them. You should instead create an invitation link for this purpose. Please contact us if you are unsure about this.

Ensure that, if you are not an administrator on this MRQual account, you have the permission of such an administrator to run this research, and thereby to incur the hosting fee.

Ensure that no unauthorised users on this MRQual account can access this study. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is the case. **

Notify the team at MRQual immediately if you find that MRQual is running too slowly. This is very unlikely, but if it does happen we should, in the normal course of events, be able to increase the speed within a few minutes. Immediately after contacting us, you should also inform your participants by email that the problem should be resolved within a few minutes, and that they should check their email for updates from you.***

Ensure you are aware of the terms and conditions under which MRQual is provided, which are available on request. Using MRQual indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Ensure any other moderators on this study follow these guidelines.

*We do a full back up of MRQual every 24 hours, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a copy of all your research results and other data (such as questions and participants’ details).

**This is possible if there are registered administrators on this account who should no longer have access to the account (such as if they have left the business). If you are an account administrator please regularly check that there are no unauthorised administrators or moderators still registered on the account. If you are a moderator please bring this subject to the attention of an administrator on this account.

***Before you contact us please just ensure that it is the MRQual site which is slow, rather than your or your participants’ internet connections.