Case Study

Leading Global Cosmetics Company

The Brief

The client had developed a new foundation and wished to undertake user research. The foundation was designed for women to be able to use easily, conveniently and mess-free “on-the-go”. The purpose of the research was to test the usability of the product against these criteria.


There were 14 participants, who we recruited traditionally (rather than online from a panel). These were all regular users of premium foundation.


The research took the form of a 5 day product test, followed by an online group discussion over 2 days. So overall, the research lasted 7 days.

The participants were given a choice of shade for the foundation which they wanted to try, and this was then sent to them. Participants were then required to apply the product at the start of each day, and to record a diary entry immediately afterwards about the experience. They could also take the product with them each day, and apply it again if they wished to.

At the end of the 5 day period we then ran an online group discussion so that participants could share experiences and we could explore certain themes that had come out of the diaries.


The research provided detailed feedback, particularly in terms of users being able to dispense the right amount of foundation, the risk of them creating a mess when dispensing the product, and how evenly they could apply the foundation with the applicator. In addition, a number of suggestions were made by participants about packaging and labelling of the product, in order to increase its appeal to them.

What the client said

The UK & I Marketing Director said: “We used MRQual recently on an in-home product test. We were so pleased with the way it worked and with the feedback that we got from it. Really useful.”