Case Study

Magazine Publisher

The Brief

This research was about the cover mounts (free gifts) for one of Egmont’s leading magazine brands in the UK and Germany. In particular, Egmont wished to:

  • Understand more clearly the appeal of recent cover mounts to current magazine readers and buyers
  • Establish a set of criteria which they could use for the selection of future cover mounts (in order to maximise their appeal), and
  • Determine whether there are differences between the UK and Germany in terms of preferences on cover mounts for this brand

We conducted one online group in the UK and one in Germany. For recruitment, in each country we ran an online survey with existing Egmont buyers of the brand in question. We then invited prospective participants by email from among those people who had completed the survey. The participants who we invited were mothers, but they conferred with their children (who read the magazine).


Although we describe the research as an online group, in the sense that all participants were asked broadly the same questions, we ran the research in the form of individual depth interviews. The reason for this was to encourage participants to engage more openly and honestly than they would have done in a group discussion.

We ran the research in each country over three consecutive days (rather than “live”). The German research was run one week after the UK research.


The feedback that the participants gave was remarkably consistent, within and across both countries. And the fact that no participant saw the feedback from any other participant gave the results more credibility.

What the client said

“I have just received the findings from our first MRQual international study. Richard and his team ran the study for us. On-line qualitative research has given us valuable clear and nuanced insights which we can apply to the business – moreover easily, no fuss and at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommended.” Alison David.