A fast online alternative to traditional focus groups

We run online groups and communities in a way that can deliver deep-dive insights, including multimedia, within a few days, even on multi-market projects.

Online qualitative research fieldwork

"I was impressed with the quality of output, particularly given the timelines.

Thanks for your support to turn this around in a week."

Richard Reid, Director, Head of Iris Concise Singapore

Service levels

You can provide the discussion guide and recruitment questionnaire, or we can design these for you. Either way, we can recruit, set up and run projects within days, and deliver results either in their original form, or as a management summary or presentation.

Types of work

Our online groups are ideal for creative development and innovation research, not least because revised visuals can be shown to participants over several days. And they’re great also for deep-dive research on customers, markets or brands.

How it works

Our online groups usually run over several hours or days (rather than real-time video or chat), with questions and answers posted as text, together with images, videos and other file uploads.  The research can run as a group discussion or one-to-one with the moderator.


This is based on the number of participants and recruitment criteria, the involvement time for participants, and the level of service you require. However, if you are used to focus group prices we think you’ll be pleased with what their online equivalent costs.