An online alternative to traditional focus groups

MRQual online focus groups are fast, flexible and produce good quality insight


How MRQual groups work

  • They usually have 10-30 participants
  • They run over several hours or days (not in real time)
  • Questions and answers are posted in writing
  • Stimulus materials can be shown
  • Participants can upload images and videos

About our service. We can…

  • Run groups across the world for clients in any country
  • Typically complete multi-country groups within 1-2 weeks
  • Recruit the participants externally or from client sample
  • Design discussion guides or use those provided by clients
  • Provide results as transcripts, or management reports

What are MRQual groups like for participants?

See for yourself by taking part. Just contact us and we will send you a login.

Advantages of MRQual groups

Quality of participant

Participants do not have to be available at a particular time on a certain day, and live near a viewing facility.  Hence, there is a larger pool to recruit from. 

Private conversation

Moderators can make questions private so that participants cannot see each other’s answers. Participants can also choose to answer any question privately.  

Targeted and new questions

Questions can be posted to particular individuals or groups of participants.  New questions can also be added at any stage of the research. 

Equal say

All participants have the same opportunity to answer the questions, because the act of one person answering does not take time away from other people answering.

Feelings and thoughts

Whilst participants can be asked to give instant or instinctive feedback to certain questions, they also have time to give more considered answers to other questions.

Online anonymity

Participants like the anonymous environment, in which they are not visible or known to other participants.  It encourages them to engage and be honest.

Other forms of online qualitative research

As well as groups, we run various other types of research online…


Instead of a researcher visiting a participant in their home, participants can take images or videos to record any aspects of their lives that are of interest to the client.

Qualitative panels

Clients’ current, prospective or lapsed customers can be recruited to take part in regular qualitative research, including diaries, depths or groups.

In-home usage tests

Products can be sent to participants to use over a test period. They can post regular diary entries online, before then taking part in an online group.