Get more valuable results from your online surveys

We provide a field and tab service which delivers good quality answers to open-ended questions, as well as image and video uploads by respondents.

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 - What we offer -

Quick costings

A very fast response to your RFQs; an accurate estimate on turnaround times; advice, if you wish, on questionnaire design or sampling

Efficient operation

The same project manager each time; direct contact with questionnaire programmer; weekend fieldwork; work in Trello

Bespoke results

Tables in the form you need them; additional tables delivered quickly; extra services, such as coding and charting

Global sample

We do not run our own panels, but instead source sample from various of the many other panel operators in different markets.

- Further benefits -

Time-saving service

We will go the extra mile to ensure we meet your deadlines, we'll be an extra pair of eyes checking your questionnaires.   


We can time how long respondents take to answer questions. This can be useful to compare shelf-visibility of pack designs, for example.

Bespoke questions

If you want to set your surveys apart with custom question types, we can program them for you. Let us know what you have in mind. 

“MRQual always deliver on time, they're flexible and helpful, and their

quality standards ensure I can use their survey results with great confidence.”


Hugh Taylor, Head of Research and Development, Calbee (UK) Limited