Online quantitative fieldwork which delivers more

Our service includes a number of elements that deliver additional value for clients, such as timed-responses to stimulus materials, and fuller answers to open-ended questions.

Online quantitative research fieldwork

“MRQual always deliver on time, they're flexible and helpful, and their

quality standards ensure I can use their survey results with great confidence.”


Hugh Taylor, Head of Research and Development, Calbee (UK) Limited


We can provide a standard fieldwork and tabulation service, and can also help with areas such as questionnaire design, translation, decisions on sample size and profile, analysis and charting.

Types of work

We have particular expertise in concept, packaging, and other creative testing, among other areas. Our packaging research includes processing fluency testing, shelf-visibility testing, and more.


We work globally, and run surveys with sample that clients provide or that we provide, or a combination of the two. For client-sample surveys we can provide links, or send out survey invitations.


For our standard field & tab service our fees are based on the questionnaire length, sample size and sample incidence rate.  This is standard industry practice.