Online quantitative fieldwork and tabulation with global reach and three key advantages for clients...

Faster turnaround - Reduced time & hassle - Better quality results


Faster turnaround

We do this by getting into the field more quickly than usual industry standards, and by managing the fieldwork in such a way that it finishes sooner.

Reduced time & hassle

The way we work reduces the time involved for clients on such areas as checking the questionnaire before fieldwork, and on charting.

Better quality results

We use various techniques to get richer answers to open-ended questions, for example, and time-controls to prevent respondents from speeding.

No matter how complex a study, MRQual has never let us down. Their knowledge of online research methods is second-to-none and their approach to client service is wholehearted and proactive. They have a very happy client in Firebrand.

Firebrand Insight

Main types of work

  • NPD tests (concepts, packs, pricing, etc…)
  • Usage and attitude studies
  • Segmentation studies
  • Brand research 
  • Advertising testing


  • Online and mobile
  • Conjoint, max diff, etc..
  • Hot spot questions
  • Response scoring
  • Prompted open-endeds


  • Fieldwork and tabulation
  • Coding
  • Questionnaire reviewing
  • Charting
  • Free tabulation tool

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