Fast turnaround, bespoke packaging design research

Packaging design research


Respondents can be selected to meet your screening criteria and demographics.


In terms of sample sizes, numbers of pack designs, and questions.


Comes with implicit attitude testing, heatmaps, shelf testing, and more.


Research can be run across multiple markets simultaneously.

How it works

You can provide a questionnaire, pack shots, and sampling instructions, and we can then set up and run the research for you. Or you can just give us a research brief and we can do everything from there.

Turnaround times

If you want your research completed within hours we can do this. But allowing slightly longer gives markedly better results. That's because research done only during the daytime will exclude people who work.


We can give you your results as soon as the research finishes. These can be in whatever format you require, from tabulations to charts or commentary. And we are always happy to talk through the results with you.

Further details

Time-to-find on shelf

Tests can include a virtual shelf display of your and other pack designs. Then we can measure the time taken by respondents to find your new pack design.

Controlled pack shot display

Pack shots can be shown on screen individually for a specified period of time. This gives greater consistency when comparing the results of ratings questions.

Price and promotion testing

Respondents can be shown several pack designs with different prices or promotions. They then have to choose which they would be most likely to buy.

Monadic or sequential

Monadic testing involves respondents rating only one design (on various attributes), whereas sequential involves them rating more than one. There are pros and cons to each approach. 

Comparative ranking

As well as rating each individual pack shot, respondents can be asked to directly compare, and rank, pack shots according to different variables. These could include new, existing, or competitor packs.

Mid test design exclusion

Once a test has begun it can quickly become apparent that certain pack designs are performing well below others. In that case it can be useful to exclude them from the research, to save time and cost. 

No mobile respondents

As a rule, we prevent people from taking our testing surveys on a mobile. This is because they will not be able to see the images properly, especially if there are several on screen together. 

Results dashboard

Whilst we can give you regular updates of your results during fieldwork, you can also monitor them yourself "live" as they come through, via a dashboard. Please just ask for details.    

Beyond design

If you are running a packaging design test with us it can be useful to include a range of other types of question. For example, these could include brand awareness or perception, or product usage questions. 

Packaging design qualitative research


Packaging design qualitative research can be undertaken using various methods, whether traditional face-to-face focus groups, by telephone depth interviews, or online.

Before quantitative

Qualitative research can be undertaken before quantitative research, in order to help inform the quantitative research design, especially of the questionnaire.

After quantitative

Once a pack design has been decided upon, based on quantitative research, it can be useful to undertake qualitative research for in-depth feedback on that design.