Fast and accessible packaging research with your target customer

Our packaging research method

Instead of focus groups, we generally use “qualitative surveys” to test packaging designs and messaging.  Qualitative surveys can be completed within a few days, anywhere in the world, and produce high quality in-depth results.  They also have a large number of (target market) respondents in comparison with groups, which gives added reliability to their results.


To find out more about our qualitative survey methodology here.

Types of packaging research

We can undertake research on design routes, including shelf impact and visibility, and on pack messaging and hierarchy.


Such research can elicit both instinctive emotional reactions to designs and messages, and more considered rational responses. Both are, of course, important in the purchase decision process.


Research projects can also cover related areas, such as product names, strap lines, flavour combinations or pricing. This is possible because each project we run is custom designed.

Service levels and fees

Our aim is to make research as accessible as possible to clients of all sizes. As part of this we offer different levels of service.


For example, you could design your own questionnaire, rather than commissioning us to do it for you. And the same applies with the analysis of results.


Our fees for packaging research start from £750 for small-scale projects.