Our research methods now include online "qualitative" surveys

 - Benefits of qualitative surveys - 

Turnaround in days, even internationally
Sophisticated recruitment screening
Probing by a Virtual Moderator
Video, image and sound file uploading
Results include original verbatim answers

 - 6 possible uses for qualitative surveys - 

Entering a new market or product category

Understanding consumer language in your category

Guiding new pack designs, product concepts or promotion ideas

Developing a new advertising or social media campaign

Evaluating new competitor activity

Gaining fresh insights for new business pitches

- How qualitative surveys work -

They are just like any other survey in the sense that they can have both closed and open-ended questions, and stimulus materials.  However, the open-ended questions include various measures to engage the respondent, including probing by our Virtual Moderator.


Sample sizes might be anywhere from thirty respondents to several hundred, depending on the nature of the research. Questionnaires can be up to 15 minutes in length (though we are experimenting with longer).

 - Our other research methodologies - 

Online quantitative surveys

Like qualitative surveys, but typically with larger sample sizes.

Bulletin board focus groups

These are run over several days, rather than in real-time.

Other methods

These include live online groups, tele-depths and store exits, among others.

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