Need to do exploratory customer, market or brand research within a few days?

In that case, we can run a Qualitative Survey for you,
in the UK or internationally

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Advantages of qualitative surveys
(apart from speed)

Properly qualified participants, recruited from quantitative panels or customer databases.
Robust sample sizes, no respondent fatigue, and no grouping effects
Rich verbatim answers from respondents to your open-ended questions.
Image and video uploads by participants, to add colour and a human element to the results.

What is a qualitative survey?

It is like a “normal” quantitative survey, except with mainly or exclusively open-ended questions, and with built-in programmatic techniques to encourage respondents to give rich and relevant answers.

How does a qualitative survey work?

You brief us about your research questions and sample requirements, and then we set up and run the research,  and give you back the results in the way you have specified.


Read how Quiet Storm Agency used a qualitative survey for pitch research

Quiet Storm had been invited to pitch, and wished to undertake some research to inform their pitch presentation.


Usually they would have undertaken such research using focus groups. However, in this case the audience was particularly specific, and therefore relatively hard to recruit. Also, they only had a few days in which to complete the research, which would have made recruitment even more difficult.


So instead of focus groups they used an online qualitative survey, which was designed and run by MRQual.


This survey produced the insights Quiet Storm needed. It had a sample of 50 respondents, a relatively large number for qualitative research, and took 3 days to complete.


The survey results revealed important new information about the market, customer purchasing behaviour, and the client brand. It also provided evidence to confirm various existing beliefs regarding the market which were held by the brand.

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