A fast and accessible research service to help brands win, retain and grow business

How can we can help your business?

Here are three examples...

Customer understanding

Understand your target market demographics, behaviour, thoughts and feelings, purchase drivers and barriers, brand choices.

Concept and pack testing

Identify the most appealing product names, strap lines, design routes, pack messaging and hierarchy

Price positioning

Test your retail pricing with your target audience, on a standalone basis and in relation to competing products.

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- Our methods -

We use various research methods, notably online surveys and groups, including our proprietary "qualitative survey" methodology.


The method(s) we use on each project depend on the research brief, and, of course, client preferences.


Clients can choose from the different levels of service that we offer.

- What clients say -

"MRQual delivered our pack design test promptly and were very helpful. Their quality checks ensured I could use the results with great confidence."


Hugh Taylor, Head of R&D


"MRQual helped us to make a decision on our front of pack messaging. The research was fast and high quality, giving us full confidence in the results."


Kevin Bath, Co-Founder



"MRQual helped us to identify crucial customer insights, which has ensured a successful launch of our salad boxes in the market."


Stephanie Johnson, Co-Founder