Your market research budget can deliver more

With our blend of traditional and innovative techniques


Our research services


  • In-depth customer, brand and market understanding research
  • Development research for NPD (concepts, pack designs, advertising, etc…)
  • Ethnography


NPD (concepts, pack designs, etc…)
Implicit attitude testing
Brand health checks
Usage and attitude studies
Segmentation studies

Qual Quant

Nowadays it is possible (through us) to undertake qualitative research which also gives quantitative results. This is thanks to various innovative online methodologies.

Featured services

Three ways we can make your research budget deliver more

1. New techniques

Much qualitative research can now be done online, whilst quantitative techniques can now record implicit as well as explicit results.

2. Flexible service

You can design the discussion guides and questionnaires for your research, and undertake analysis, or we can provide these services for you.

3. Active fieldwork

It is often possible to adjust sample sizes or structures, discussion guides or questionnaires even once interviewing has begun.

Other advantages of our service

Fast turnaround

Online surveys, and indeed, qualitative projects can now be run within a few days, depending on the number of markets involved.

High quality

New online research techniques do not compromise quality of insight. In fact, in many (perhaps surprising) ways they can improve it.

Client control

With our online surveys and qualitative projects you, the client, are fully in control. For example, you can view online qualitative research as it happens.

Time saving

The ways in which we work will also save you time. We're very organised, so will keep your projects on track, and you informed, without you ever having to chase us.