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Qualitative and quantitative projects that used to take weeks can now be run in days…


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We run online quantitative and qualitative research projects, in the UK and internationally.  Either we provide the sample or we can use sample provided by clients.

For online qualitative research, clients can also use our software to run their own projects, with or without our involvement.

  • "I just wanted to thank you for your services, the summary documentation provided and the response evaluations. These have been very valuable and have directly influenced our direction and thinking with the programme development."

    Glyn Birchall
    Glyn BirchallGlobal Head of CRM for The Body Shop

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Online qualitative research FAQs

How quickly can you run projects?

We usually do in 2 weeks what would take 6-8 weeks with face to face groups. Sometimes we can be quicker.

What is the cost saving?

Our projects are typically under half the price of equivalent face to face focus group research.

How can online qualitative give as good results as focus groups?

There are lots of reasons, but it probably comes down to the fact that participants can take part at home, in their own time, rather than in front of other people in a room.

How does recruitment work?

Recruitment can be done traditionally or online, depending on the project. It could be with people who have completed a survey for you.

Can stimulus be shown?

Absolutely. Images, videos, or other types of file can be shown by moderators. Participants can also upload images or videos.

Can participants interact?

Yes, though they can choose to answer questions privately if they wish. The moderator can make individual questions private or public, for group discussion.

What languages do you do?

We work all around the world in different languages. Please contact us for details.

Can I see my participants?

Yes, that’s easy. If you, the client, want to see your participants we can ask them to upload a short video.

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