Agile market research using innovative online techniques

Qual and quant - UK and international - Flexible service levels

We have used MRQual for a number of international projects
and have always been very pleased with their work

Nick Hiddleston, Worldwide Research Director, ZenithMedia

Agile market research - Examples

Packaging design research

We provide a service that includes development, screening and testing, which is bespoke, robust and fast turnaround

Implicit attitude testing

This is a method which measures the strength of subconscious drivers underlying consumer decision making.

Online qualitative research

Focus groups are great, but they’re expensive and take time. We provide a fast and effective online alternative.

Agile market research - Advantages

Practical advice

We can advise on such areas as sample sizes and sources, demographics, recruitment criteria, and incentives. This can result in time and cost savings for clients.

Fast response

For example, online qualitative research in the UK can typically be completed within days. Even multi-country projects need not take much longer.

Flexible client service

You can design your own discussion guides or questionnaires, or we can do it for you. The same applies with analysis and reporting, recruitment, translation, and other areas.

Further information

Research expertise

The services mentioned above are just some of what we do. They’re our headline acts, so to speak. We also regularly run usage and attitude studies, brand and advertising surveys, and concept tests, for example.

Sector experience

We have worked in retail, food and drink, pharmaceuticals, automotive, financial, games, DIY and homewares, fashion and various other sectors.


You will see in the menu above that we offer software as well as services. This is our tool for online qualitative research, which is designed for clients or agencies that wish to run their own projects