Get faster and better results from MRQual - the experts in online research

How? By using our unique qualitative surveys, our industry-leading quantitative fieldwork services, or our deep-dive software for more effective online groups and communities.

At MRQual we specialise in online research and in developing new techniques that deliver more effective results for clients – both for leading agencies and for blue-chip brands.

MRQual conducts online research across the UK and internationally.

Qualitative surveys

These deliver richer results thanks to our unique Virtual Moderator software. Get detailed, actionable answers to your why? type questions within days


We offer a complete fast turnaround online fieldwork service, that gives you accurate, reliable results delivered in whatever table format you need.

Deep-dive software

Perfect for running bulletin board focus groups, communities, and more. Can be used on any device. Available in more than 20 different languages

"We have run a number of projects with MRQual, and always been very happy with the results. They can be trusted to complete on time every time"


Nick Hiddleston, Global Insight Director




"I was really impressed with the quality of output, particularly given the timelines. Thanks for your support to turn this around in a week."


Richard Reid, Director. IRIS Worldwide




About us

We are a team of online research specialists (from traditional research backgrounds),
with experience in retail, FMCG, durables, fashion, cosmetics and skincare, financial, automotive, and other areas.


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