We do qualitative research online

Delivering deep and reliable results, within a few days

"We have used MRQual for a number of international projects
and have always been very pleased with their work"

Nick Hiddleston, Worldwide Research Director, ZenithMedia

Advantages of online qualitative research

(apart from speed, time-saving, control, visibility and convenience for clients)

Good participants

Properly qualified, and engaged, participants... no-shows, un-qualifieds, and non-engagers can also be replaced even once research begins.

No group-think

Because participants can answer privately, the risk of group thinking and peer influence is removed. Also, all participants get an equal say.

Implicit and explicit

Participants can be asked to give instant or instinctive feedback, but they also have time to give more considered answers when appropriate.

Relevant results

Participants' answers stay on topic, with no risk of straying into irrelevant areas, or opportunity for participants to just say they agree with other people.

New stimulus

New or revised stimulus materials, and questions, can be added mid way through research, in response to preliminary results.

Idea generation

Participants have anonymity to put forward any ideas, and then the time to consider other participants' ideas.

Varied insights

Participants' answers are given online in writing, but they can also include image or video uploads.

Happy participants

Participants can take part in research at any time of day or night, from home or elsewhere, to suit their lives.

Our Services

(Using online qualitative research)

Exploratory research

To investigate people’s attitudes, desires, motivations, activities, and more.


To generate new product and service ideas through online group discussion.


Diary studies to profile people’s lives, in relation to your service or product.

Creative testing

Gaining in-depth feedback on concepts, advertisements, pack designs, etc….

Featured service:

Packaging design research

How we work

  • Research runs over several hours, days, weeks or longer
  • Questions and answers are posted in writing
  • Moderators can show stimulus materials
  • Participants can upload images, videos and other files
  • Typically 10-30 participants (per market)
  • Research can be run concurrently across markets
  • Research can be in the form of group discussion or interviews
  • Different questions can be asked of different participants

About us

Our work

Mostly branding, NPD,  segmentation, and advertising


Mainly qualitative, but increasingly also quantitative.


FMCG, retail, pharma, charity, publishing, gaming, and more.


Predominantly UK, Europe (West and East), US and Asia.

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