We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elicit rich verbatim insights from online surveys, and also provide a software platform for online qualitative research

Online surveys

These provide greater depth of understanding than typical online surveys, and more besides.


Qualitative research software

Designed for quick and easy running of pre-tasks and standalone online qual, though with support on tap.


"We have run a number of projects with MRQual, and always been very happy with the results. They can be trusted to complete on time every time"


Nick Hiddleston, Global Insight Director




"I was really impressed with the quality of output, particularly given the timelines. Thanks for your support to turn this around in a week."


Richard Reid, Director. IRIS Worldwide




About us

We are a team of online research specialists (from traditional research backgrounds),
with experience in retail, FMCG, durables, fashion, cosmetics and skincare, financial, automotive, and other areas.


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