A global research agency based near London

We run online focus groups, surveys and other types of research all over the world

Who we are

We are a global research agency with an in-house team of classically trained qualitative and quantitative market researchers. We are supported by a network of international moderators.

Our researchers have broad experience, back to the pre-Internet days. We have run store exit, street and doorstep surveys, hall tests, accompanied shops, depth interviews, focus groups, and more.

We were among the earliest adopters of online quantitative research, and then, subsequently, also of online qualitative research.


Our Managing Director is Richard Clark. Richard has 20+ years experience in market research. This includes working with such companies as JWT London, ICI Paints and GfK Marketing Services. He has run research projects for a wide range of clients. These include Monsanto, Heineken, Marks & Spencer, L’Oreal, Zurich Financial Services, and many more.

How we differ

We think that what distinguishes us from other market research agencies and panels most of all is our expertise in both online qualitative and quantitative research.

This enables us to provide clients with a faster, more flexible and more affordable service compared with using traditional research methods. For example, we can run online focus groups in less than half the time that traditional focus groups would typically take.

But also, our online focus groups deliver insight which is comparable with that from traditional groups, despite (or because of) the absence of face-to-face interaction.

In-house software

For our qualitative research projects we use our own software platform, not least because when we started in this area of work there was no other choice. Over the years we have developed this to suit our needs. Various other research agencies, and clients, use this too.